What This Blog’s All About


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The Short of It:

After a low period in my life, I rediscovered my passion for public health and social justice, and that little spark of discovery turned me into a passion junkie. This blog is about discovering your OM and then living it. I focus on a few key elements:

(1) personal and contributed essays about life, growth, inspiration and more;

(2) interviews with positive women who have found their own om and want to share their stories;

(3) book reviews (for 20-somethings)

I hope you enjoy!

…And the Long:

In December 2012, I graduated from 3.5 years at a large university in the northeast having had “achieved” it all. Not only was I finishing my degree a semester early, but I had graduated Magna Cum Laude, had been accepted into an accelerated Masters of Public Health (M.P.H) program (of which I completed 16 credits as an undergrad), had been an author on a scientific paper, received a scholarship to present at an international conference…you get my point…Yet, in spite of my shiny resume, I didn’t feel like I had succeeded at all. Having spent so much time following a strict set of “rules” that I had created for myself, I became used to living a “difficult” life, believing that I wasn’t really “living” unless I was somehow suffering, an idea that was further fueled by many of the competitive people who surrounded me.

As you may have suspected, upon graduation I sort of, um, freaked out. I was scared that I had done it all wrong, and I had so many questions, the most basic of which was, honestly, what do I even like to do? If I was spending so much time doing things I don’t like, there must be an alternative where I am doing things that I do like, right? At the time, I even questioned my “career path.” Then-and-there, I made a drastic change and moved completely cross-country to Los Angeles to live with a friend who worked in the entertainment industry. I hoped the space, change, and weather would let me clear my mind and help me to discover my “passions.” Unfortunately, the experience was a bit more stressful than it was inspiring. I realized the cumulative stress of interviewing for jobs (about 30 face-to-face interviews total, and for jobs that had NOTHING to do with my degree!), paying rent, and building relationships in a new city was not worth it. With each new interview I got more and more run down, and I completely let go of my diet and active lifestyle, which, of course, just made me feel worse and worse.

When I finally moved home to New England in the late spring, I KNEW it was time to make some changes. While in L.A. and applying to jobs in marketing, television, and entertainment, I had come to rediscover my true PASSION for public health and social justice, and realized that what I REALLY wanted the most was to complete the final year of my M.P.H degree in epidemiology. This spark of PASSION, though faint, was enough to send a shiver down my spine. For the first time in a long while, I was excited about MY life. Since that initial spark, I have become somewhat of a passion junkie.

And so came the idea for a blog.

First and foremost, I wanted a forum to write because- you guessed it- writing is one of my passions. Second, I was searching for a way to legitimize my transformation towards the “passionate” life (so a blog seemed only natural- anything that is written is obviously legit, right?). Third, I needed a means to publish a collection of book reviews I had written while in L.A., particularly books written for the 20-ish woman who, like me, is setting up a place for herself in the professional world and balancing all the elements that come with that transition. And finally, I wanted to share all of this to the blogosphere in a hope that maybe others will be equally inspired to chase the om as well!

And, alas, I had a basis for my blog!

Happy reading!


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