Embracing Change


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Here in New England, our seasonal weather patterns have conditioned most of us to be comfortable accepting change. For example, on this final summer weekend before the unofficial start of fall,- a.k.a Memorial Day Weekend- there is a feeling of the slow escape of humidity from the air, making room for the crisp autumn breeze that we have come to expect. As we prepare to say good-bye to our days of flip-flops, fruity cocktails, and bikinis and say hello to days of suede boots, pumpkin lattes, and bulky sweaters. It can be hard to accept, but alas, we all do it.

As I sit here and enjoy my final Saturday of freedom before I begin work as a full-time student/part-time employee, I can fully admit that I would love nothing more than to spend every Saturday this way (i.e. recovering from a fun night of friends, margaritas, and nachos in the comfort of my cool air conditioned bedroom with plans to see a comedy show tonight.) On the flip side, I am very much dreading what I will soon consider my new normal- text books, homework assignments, and time consuming commutes. But, alas, I will do it.

See, that’s the thing about change: while it’s scary, in the end, we can handle it. It can be difficult to embrace change, especially at first. Change forces us to start new routines- which in itself is exhausting!- and at first these shifts may not be comfortable, or even favorable, to what we are used to. At the same time, change can be rejuvenating, energizing, and  even cleansing. Take my situation for example: yes, I will be much busier once classes begin, but I will also be back in the world of public health (a world I have certainly missed!), plus I will be back on a track to my “dream” future. Not to mention, my busier schedule will force me to prioritize and fit in the space for my passions like writing, watching my favorite television shows (which will be back in September, woohoo!), and probably most importantly, exercise and nutrition. I don’t know about others out there, but I certainly let myself go more in the summer (see back to my night of margaritas and nachos and laying in bed until 3 p.m.!), and while that is fine, I do look forward to the cleansing power of a structured schedule. So, while I am not exactly thrilled to be leaving behind the dog-days of summer, I can see the positives that await me!

For those of you out there who are also about to embark on a change- whether that be going back to school, starting a job for the first time, moving to a new city, changing careers, beginning a new relationship, or even just adjusting to the changing weather- remember that while change can be scary, we can all relate to those fears, and there is a silver-lining- you just need to identify it for yourself! Maybe for you that means garnering the motivation to tighten up your soft belly after a few too many summer ice cream cones, or maybe its finally asking out that cute guy or girl whom you had previously been too afraid to approach. Or maybe your silver-lining is as simple as looking forward to pumpkin spice lattes and the return of your favorite T.V. shows (no shame!). No matter what positives you can see ahead, embrace the inevitable spark of adrenaline that accompanies any life transformation, and use that energy as extra fuel for your passions! Let the changes begin!


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